• distribution-iconCrossdock

    We take products from the manufacturing plant and have them delivered to the customer and with minimal handling. By skipping the process of merchandise having to be warehoused; Cross Docking Services will reduce handling, the storage of inventory, and the extra step of filling a warehouse with inventory before shipping. Warehousing is virtually eliminated. In a nutshell, “ In one door and out the other.” With Cross Dock Handling, we receive goods at our location through one door and ship out through the other door immediately, without putting your items in storage.

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  • Transportationtransferi-con

    Transportation solutions and expeditious deliveries are critical to shipping in today’s climate. We can assist you in coordinating your Domestic or International Shipping. We can offer you support in finding the best cost for transporting your goods to their destinations. Expedited Solutions are also available and in many cases we can offer you alternatives to reduce the cost. We can offer you Truck, Air and Rail as alternatives to give you the best opportunity to save money. Let us assist you with determining the best choice for your freight. We can provide you with many alternatives from excellent freight companies. Let us evaluate your plans to optimize the movement of your freight from Laredo to anywhere in Mexico, Canada or the United States. Our Web Direct System is available 24/7 to provide you with all of the relevant information necessary for you to track your shipments.

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  • warehouse-iconWarehouse & Distribution

    Cigarroa Dispatch has been in the business of warehousing and distribution for over 25 years. Our warehouse and distribution philosophy is to give you, the client, complete visibility of the status of your products. You can access via our Web-direct solution, information regarding the status of merchandise that is to be received, status of the merchandise once it is in the warehouse, status of the product when it is exiting our warehouse and also access all relevant information regarding the movement of your outbound freight to its destination. Our system will instantly give you information regarding your inventory levels that are in our warehouse. We can create customs solutions based on your needs. The advantage of our computer system is that you can connect to our system virtually via any internet connection, anywhere anytime. You will not have to invest in any hardware, software or training to use our system. You can be operational with our program as quickly as we give you a password and username. Additionally we have a dedicated and responsive staff to help you with your business. With over 25 years of industry experience let our dedicated and responsive staff help you avoid the headache of managing your own supply chain and warehouse.

    We help companies :

    Reduce Distribution Costs | Reduce turn time | Achieve a 99% accuracy rate |
    Avoid the headache of managing your own supply chain | Focus on your core revenue-generating activities |

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  • customs-iconsCustoms Clearance

    Your cargo is our priority. We offer you prompt reliable service and are fully computerized with our own internal in-house state of the art computer system that  will allow you to track your shipment and inform you as to the status of your shipment. You will have the ability to  know the moment that your shipment has arrived into the United States and the moment that it has been released from Customs and Border Protection. It is our responsibility to ensure that your freight reaches you in the most expeditious and economic manner possible. Our Customs Brokerage team will prepare your shipment for pre-clearance through CBP. From the moment that your documents are received, we begin the entry process and prepare and transmit entry information to United States Customs and Border Protection. This is handled electronically  through our Automated Broker Interface with CBP and all other government agencies such as Parks and Wildlife, Department of Transportation, Food and Drug Administration and United State Department Of Agriculture.

    Our Staff will ensure that your freight is handled expeditiously through CBP and other government agencies so that your shipment can be delivered promptly.

    We offer :

    Prefile Clearance of Entries | Electronic Entry Release | Remote Location Filing |
    Transportation and Exportation Entries | In Transit Entries | Immediate Exportation | Informed Compliance | Reconciliations | Binding Rulings | Customs Bonds | Warehouse and Distribution | Consultations | Transportation Services |

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  • freight-iconConsultation

    Cigarroa Dispatch Inc. is a full service licensed customhouse brokerage firm offering Customs Clearance Services, Warehouse Distribution and Transportation services located in Laredo, Texas. Our brokerage firm has over 25 years of experience with importing products into the United States from Mexico. We are a CTPAT ABI Certified broker registered with United States Customs and Border Protection since 1988.  We take our 25 plus years of experience and pass it on to you by providing a skilled and efficient service to the international community. We know that importing into the United States can be challenging and difficult. Our staff is here to assist you in making all the necessary  preparations with Customs and Border Protection to seamlessly  import your goods into the United States. We work with all different types of commodities including food,  agricultural products, alcohol, textiles, chemical products, auto parts, and personal effects. Our office is here to greet you and we are always readily available to help you answer all of the questions that you may have regarding compliance with US Customs and all other government agencies involved in the importation of your commodities. From simple warehousing to CBP Customs compliance and transportation – we can provide services for your every need.

    Leave your freight in our hands and we can help you chart your future.

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  • Certified NationalBrokerctpat-nobackground

About Us

We have over 25 years of experience in Warehousing Distribution, Transportation of Freight to their destinations and clearing of freight through United States customs and border protection. Experience has taught us that the greatest stress that our customers experience is not knowing when their freight has been cleared through U.S. customs and forwarded to their destination. We have taken advantage of this stress and turned this issue into a mere convenience. This is where we shine. You can connect to our system via any internet connection, anywhere, anytime thus freeing you to be able to access our system from your iphone, ipad, home or office.  Migrating to our website service from your current application is easier than you think. There is no investment in operating hardware, software or training. You can be operational with our program as quickly as we give you a username and password. We can send you an email the moment that your freight has been released from customs and border protection. We also have a dedicated and responsive staff to help you in whatever support you may need.

Some of the services we offer:

  • US Customs Clearance for Air, Truck, Rail Freight and Passenger carried freight
  • Remote Location Filing
  • Clear products through all Government agencies such as
  • Agriculture
  • Food and Drug Administration
  • Federal Communications Commission
  • EPA & DOT
  • Fish & Wildlife
  • Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms
  • Customs Bonds
  • Pickup & Delivery
  • Helping customers to become C-TPAT partners
  • Warehousing & Distribution Services utilizing Web-Direct
  • Transportation
  • Consulting, Professional Trade Advisory Service


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